The Crystal Garden at Castle McCulloch
All 3 options include tulle & lights on Veranda
Option #2
Lighted Mesh Arches w/ tulle & Lights
Option #1
Lighted Balloon Arches w/ tulle & Lights
Crystal Garden Entry Package:
Why decorate this Sidewalk?
Scroll over for the answer!
Ceremony shown with full aisle and altar set up against the glass
Ceremony shown "in the round" - meaning the altar is in the center of the room
Our Cake Table Gazebo porvides a wonderful compliment to your wedding cake
Chaircovers create the perfect formal setting!
A Balloon canopy is sure to keep your guests on the Dance floor!
Option #3
Tulle & Lights only
This event was able to minimize  the transition time between the ceremony & reception by having half the room set for ceremony and the other half set for the reception.
The distractions from transitioning from ceremony to reception are greatly reduced when using this method.